NAD has upgraded its T777 7-channel AV Receiver by adding Dolby Atmos, BluOS and 4K UHD. The new model, known as the V3, will be available later this month.

The inclusion of BluOS technology means the NAD T777 V3 can be part of a wireless multi-room ecosystem that allows you to stream hi-res audio, Internet radio, and popular music streaming services to it from multiple sources, all under the control of a smartphone, tablet or desktop. The inclusion of Dolby Atmos surround decoding and 4K UltraHD (60p/4:4:4) video pass-through means you can extract even more detail from your movies and music. Output power remains unchanged, at 80-watts per channel, but unlike most receivers, which can only deliver their rated power into two channels simultaneously, NAD says that the T777 V3 can deliver 80-watts from each of its seven channels simultaneously.

'NAD carefully evaluates how customers use our products and only includes the features that are essential for great audio and video performance,’ said Geoff Matthews, Managing Director of Convoy International, which distributes NAD in Australia.  ‘In addition, NAD’s Modular Design Construction feature offers the real benefit of being able to add new technologies as they become available, greatly enhancing the value proposition.’

Unlike many home theatre receivers, NAD’s T777 V3 has a very simple user interface, with each source retaining the same custom settings every time it is selected for viewing, no 'empty inputs', and inputs can be named to reflect the components you’ve connected to it. It also has Dirac ‘Live’ (Lite) room correction software built in that optimises the sound quality for your listening room, with the (additional cost) option of upgrading to full Dirac capability. ‘Dirac Live is one of the most sophisticated digital room correction system available today,’ Matthews told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine, ‘and is usually it’s only found in ultra-high-end components selling for much more than the T777 V3.’ When it becomes available later this month, the NAD T777 V3 will sell for $4,299 (RRP).

For more information, contact Convoy International.