NAD has responded to the resurgence in interest in black vinyl by introducing a belt-drive model fitted with an Ortofon OM10 cartridge. ‘The  NAD C 558 is a full-featured, belt-driven model targeted for the record enthusiast who is looking for exceptional value,’ says Geoff Matthews, Managing Director of Convoy International, which distributes NAD in Australia. ‘As with all NAD products, the C558 turntable prioritises the engineering investment to deliver maximum performance for consumers. The belt drive motor ensures maximum noise isolation, the precision a.c. motor ensures speed accuracy and low wow and flutter, while the isolated power supply eliminates hum and vibration.’

The Ortofon OM cartridge comes pre-fitted to the C558’s 9-inch tonearm, which has adjustments for both vertical tracking angle and azimuth. The glass turntable platter comes with a slipper-style felt mat, and a dust cover is provided to ensure LPs are kept clean whilst playing. ‘NAD continues to be at the leading edge of the high-res digital revolution however they also recognise that there is an equally enthusiastic market for vinyl playback,’ Matthews told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine. ‘Staying true to the company’s roots, NAD’s formative years always revolved around quality vinyl playback as the source.’

For more information, contact Convoy International