Contrary to rumours running around Europe like wildfire, Pro-Ject has NOT purchased Music Hall. According to Roy Hall of Music Halll (pictured right), he is still running the company and has no intention of selling it.

Apparently the rumours started because at the press conference where Heinz Lichtenegger, owner of Pro-Ject announced that he had purchased Musical Fidelity from Antony Michaelson, he also announced that Pro-ject was now acting as Music Hall’s Export Manager for Europe. 

Hall told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine: ‘Heinz is now my agent or ambassador or Export Manager for Music Hall in Europe. When he made the announcement at High End in Munich, he said that he had purchased Musical Fidelity and was also working with Music Hall. This was misheard by the audience and the rumour started. I am still running the company and have no desire to sell or retire.

What IS true is that Pro-Ject has purchased Musical Fidelity. The full story on that is HERE