NAD Electronics has announced that MQA music will be supported on select BluOS-enabled NAD components. ‘The latest BluOS firmware will power select high-performance NAD models with MQA for studio quality music streams in the home,’ said Greg Stidsen, of NAD. ‘NAD and MQA are excited that NAD owners will now be able to experience the magic of original studio recordings in the home. All users will be prompted to upgrade to the new BluOS firmware, version 2.2.5, to fully experience the latest feature enhancements and upgrades.’ Both the players and the music sources are controlled by the BluOS app, which is available free for download for iOS and Android devices. MQA-capable models are the NAD M50 (BluOS-enabled), M12 (equipped with the DD BluOS MDC module), M32 (BluOS-ready, requires licence key for activation), and C 390DD (equipped with the DD BluOS MDC module).
Stidsen, NAD’s Director of Technology and Product Planning, told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine that MQA, which promises master quality audio sound, was already available on NAD’s sister company, Bluesound. ‘We can now advise NAD users of BluOS that they will also have access to original studio recordings,’ he said. ‘It’s an exciting development and we are proud to be among the first high performance audio companies to deliver the MQA technology for music lovers.’ BluOS is a proprietary operating system shared by NAD and Bluesound that allows for interoperability among BluOS players and connectivity of these players to streaming music in the cloud or from network sources.
Bob Stuart, co-founder of Meridian and MQA’s creator, said ‘Being able to connect listeners with the artist’s original studio recording through premium audio components such as NAD is incredibly exciting for MQA.’ NAD is distributed in Australia by Convoy International.
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