Monster has launched three earphones that it claims are safer to use when running in shared road environments. ‘Monster’s iSport Intensity earphones were created in such a way that while they deliver 100 per cent of the music to your ears, they simultaneously allow users to hear noises from their surroundings, thus offering athletes a new level of road safety, without sacrificing audio quality,’ said Geoff Matthews, managing director of Convoy International, which distributes Monster in Australia. ‘The iSport Intensity headphones are the first earphones to incorporate Monster’s new, patented earpipe design, which minimises intrusion into the inner ear. Additionally, Monster’s ultra-durable cable keeps the cord safe and secure; even during the most rigorous workout.

The iSport Victory headphones feature Monster’s ‘iSport’ earhook and Omnitip designs, which it claims will keep the earphones securely in place no matter how intense the physical activity being undertaken whilst wearing them. The iSport Strive earphones have a striking, bright image with a flexible and comfortable ear-tip. Their semi-open design is said to allow users to stay completely aware of their surrounds while listening to music. Matthews told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine: ‘The new iSport range is the perfect combination of technology, sound and sport, making them the ultimate accessory for athletes wanting to push themselves to new levels of intensity when training. Whether it’s a passion for running, cycling or base-jumping, users of the iSport headphones can enjoy the power of music in their sports sessions—safe in the knowledge they’ll still be able to hear external noise.

Available now, the models in the new iSport range sell for $99 (iSport Strive); $129 (iSport Intensity); and $189 (iSport Victory). [Pictured above right is the Monster iSport Strive]

For further information about Monster products, please contact Convoy International