Monitor Audio’s flagship loudspeaker, the PL500 II, which is available from Melbourne Hi-Fi, is the only Platinum Series model to use an MTM layout.

According to Monitor Audio’s Technical Director, Dean Hartley, who this year celebrates his twentieth year at Monitor Audio, it’s the most significant technical development on the PL 500 II. ‘This gives the new PL500 an incredible amount of focus and precise imaging, compared to the PL300, for example,’ he said. ‘This is related to the PL500’s different dispersion pattern and also its significantly lower distortion profile.’

Monitor Audio’s Platinum Series is now in its second generation, the first series having been launched in 2007 and the second series in January. The PL 500 II floorstanders use four 203mm long-throw bass drivers, two 100mm midrange drivers and an air-motion tweeter, which Hartley says was designed specifically for the Platinum II. Monitor Audio refers to the tweeter design as a ‘Micro Pleated Diaphragm’ (MPD) design. All bass and midrange drivers have underhung, edge-wound voice coils. The bass drivers cross to the midrange drivers at 460Hz and the midrange drivers to the tweeter at 3.6kHz. Monitor Audio rates the frequency response at 22Hz –100kHz -6dB, the efficiency at 91dBSPL and the nominal impedance at 4 ohms (the minimum impedance being 4.2 ohms @ 120Hz). The speakers are available from Melbourne Hi-Fi for $35,750 per pair.

For more information, contact Monitor Audio’s Australian distributor, M&G Hoskins.