Monitor Audio’s new Platinum II PL100 bookshelf/standmounts combine a 165mm bass/midrange driver with a micro-pleated-diaphragm (MPD) tweeter.

The bass/midrange driver has an underhung, edge-wound voice coil, which Monitor Audio says results in higher efficiency and more lifelike dynamics with less distortion. The voice-coil is coupled to the cone via a ‘dynamic coupling filter’ (DCF) that Monitor Audio claims gives a more natural sound. The DCF is flexible nylon fitting that replaces the usual rigid coupling between cone and voice coil. The design is such that the fitting is rigid up to the crossover frequency, but becomes flexible above it. This helps damp surplus high-frequency energy produced by the driver. The DCF is also perforated to help with voice-coil cooling and to release air pressure from behind the cone.

The MPD tweeter used in the PL100 is said to be manufactured exclusively for Monitor Audio. Both drivers are mounted on a baffle that’s hand-upholstered in highest quality Inglestone leather sourced from Andrew Muirhead. ‘Easy to place in any room, the PL100 II belies its compact dimensions with a wide open soundstage punctuated by breath-taking dynamics and imaging so stable you can almost touch it,’ said Deepika Malhotra, of Monitor Audio. Bespoke floor stands are available separately, and the speakers are available in Santos Rosewood or Ebony natural wood veneers with clear gloss piano lacquer, or Piano black gloss lacquer for $7,499 per pair.

For more information, contact Monitor Audio’s Australian distributor Quality Hi-Fi