Monitor Audio’s new ‘Gold Series’ W12 subwoofers are now available in Australia through APlus Brands. (Click on image for larger view.)

The Monitor Audio Gold W12 subwoofer combines a 300mm diameter dished-cone ceramic-coated aluminium-magnesium (Monitor Audio calls this ‘C-CAM’) bass driver with a pair of 200mm diameter bass radiators, the bass driver being powered by a Hypex Class-D amplifier module that Monitor Audio rates with a power output of 600-watts. The Gold W12 also has a DSP processor that controls Monitor Audio’s ‘Automatic Position Correction’ (APC) system which uses a microphone and test tones to calculate the modal characteristics of the room in which the subwoofer is positioned, and its position in that room, and then optimise the subwoofer’s frequency response accordingly. ‘Monitor Audio’s  sophisticated 32bit micro-controller, monitors the sound levels thousands of times per second for best room modes and automatically correct frequency response, optimising it for the room and position’ said Paul Clarke, General Manager of APlus Brands (a division of Interdyn). ‘This ensures the user can enjoy the subwoofer without the restrictions of positioning and guarantees the subwoofer will delivers the best possible performance in every situation.’

Settings and adjustments are made using a controller mounted on the cabinet’s top panel or by using Monitor Audio’s proprietary ‘SubConnect’ software. The settings provide four fully configurable user presets per input, including equaliser settings for Flat, Music, Movies and ‘Impact’. The frequency, slope, trim and equaliser filters for each preset can be manually adjusted if desired. A special ‘Night’ mode setting reduces the dynamic range of louder sections according to the level the listener desires to minimize disturbances for other family members or neighbours.

Monitor Audio rates the free-field frequency response of its W12 subwoofer as being 3dB down at 25Hz and 10dB down at 20Hz, while it says that in a room, the W12’s response is typically 3dB down at 19Hz and 10dB down at 16Hz when using the ‘Music’ preset, which is the default mode for the W12. The W12’s high-frequency response is claimed to be 150Hz (–3dB) at its maximum extension.

Available now in Satin White, Dark Walnut, Piano Ebony, Piano Gloss Black finishes, and measuring 413×410×434mm. the Monitor Audio W12 subwoofer sells for $5,499 (RRP).

For more information, contact APlus Brands