Monitor Audio’s Gold 200 three-way, four-driver, bass reflex floor-standing loudspeakers are now available in Australia.

The Monitor Audio Gold 200 design comprises two 165mm diameter RDT II bass drivers, a 65mm C-CAM midrange driver and an ‘MPD’ high-frequency transducer.

MPD stands for Micro Pleated Diaphragm, betraying the fact that it’s Monitor Audio’s version of Oskar Heil’s air-motion transformer (AMT) tweeter design, where a pleated diaphragm moves back and forth like an accordion, squeezing air from between the pleats to create the high-frequency sound.

C-CAM stands for ceramic-coated aluminium-magnesium, indicating that the 65mm diameter midrange cone is made from metal alloy.

Monitor Audio’s RDT II bass drivers use composite sandwich cones where a ceramic-coated aluminium-magnesium cone is used at the front of the driver, and a woven carbon fibre cone at the rear. Between the two is a honeycomb Nomex core material to which both are bonded. According to Monitor Audio, this composite cone reduces distortion by more than 8dB at frequencies above 300 Hz compared to an ordinary carbon-fibre cone.

All but the largest rooms will benefit from Gold 200’s remarkably tight and textured bass response, deftly informative midrange and smooth richly detailed high frequencies,’ said Paul Clarke, General Manager of APlus Brands (a division of Interdyn), which distributes Monitor Audio in Australia. ‘Irrespective of your playback volume level or your listening position in the room, the Gold 200’s powers of communication will move you.’ You can find a full list of specifications, including dimensions, HERE

Available now in a variety of cabinet finishes, the Monitor Audio Gold 200 loudspeakers retail for $7,769 per pair (RRP).

For more information, contact APlus Brands