Danish manufacturer M&K Sound (also known as MK Sound) has appointed Indi Imports as its sole Australian distributor.

M&K Sound takes its name from the initials of the surnames of the two men who founded it in 1974—Ken Kreisel and Jonas Miller—which they did in Beverly Hills, California, after Ken Kreisel had designed and installed triamplified studio monitor system for the studio mixdown of Steely Dan's Pretzel Logic album. This system used a unique subwoofer that became the company’s first commercial product. Since then M&K Sound products have been used to produce thousands of albums and movies, and the company boasts of having the world’s largest range of THX-certified loudspeakers.

For more than 40 years M&K Sound loudspeakers have enjoyed an unchallenged reputation as the world’s finest, delivering the highest levels of performance to both consumers and professionals’ said Paul Riachi, Managing Director at Indi Imports. ‘Put simply, no other loudspeaker manufacturer in the world can rightfully claim the title of “The Choice of Professionals”. M&K Sound professional monitoring systems have rapidly become the standard for stereo and multi-channel production of both music and film sound.’

Lars Johansen, President of M&K Sound, told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine: ‘We recognised we needed a change in the Australian market. Paul Riachi has proved to be very passionate in both the M&K Sound brand and the industry as a whole. Paul has a very long history with THX Lucasfilm Products and in retailing our brand in the past, when M&K was at the forefront of consumers’ minds in Australia between the 90’s and the turn of the century. In such a short time Indi Imports has proven to have the marketing and sales skills to propel the brand back into mainstream retail specialist stores, plus have the love and passion this brand needs.’

M&K speakers were used to produce the ‘Star Wars’ movies. Rick McCullum, who produced Star Wars Episodes 1 and 2 said, ‘We selected Miller & Kreisel speakers to create the Star Wars Episode1 soundtrack and they proved to be the most accurate and best-sounding monitors we have ever used.

M&K Sound makes the best cinema and studio speakers money can buy,’ said Riachi. ‘Having had extensive experience selling M&K Sound for me it was pure passion and understanding where this brand needed to be in the market place. M&K Sound should be the only choice for anyone who wants a serious home cinema or surround sound system, so we will stock all M&K Sound’s new THX cinema speakers as well as its complete Architectural range. We are committed to making this brand the choice for every consumer.’

Indi Imports says all M&K products will go on sale in Australia in March.

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