The Saboten L moving-coil design from Japanese specialist cartridge designer Noriyuki Miyajima has a cantilever made from the spine of a cactus… (Click image above to enlarge.)

The Miyajima Saboten L (the ‘L’ indicates that it has a nude line-contact diamond stylus) is a low-output moving-coil (MC) design where the line-contact diamond stylus is fixed to a short, tubular end-piece of aluminium, which is cemented to the end of the cactus spine in such a way that the stylus tip very close to the central axis of the cantilever and coil assembly. In common with all of Miyajima’s stereo cartridges, the Saboten L’s generator system uses a patented ‘cross-ring’ geometry where the cantilever fulcrum and coils are positioned exactly in the centre of the magnetic field, which Miyajima says delivers: ‘a more faithful handing of dynamic contrasts.’ The body of the Miyajima Saboten L is made from Cameroonian Ebony.

Every cartridge bearing the Miyajima name is made by hand by either designer Noriyuki Miyajima himself or one of his small team of artisans. ‘The Saboten L’s skilfully balanced mix of natural ingredients serves up a life-like musicality that almost defies the fact that this is hi-fi,’ says Boris Granovsky, of Absolute Hi End, which distributes Miyajima phono cartridges in Australia. ‘Musicians stand before you, not hovering in space but grounded, with a just-so sense of scale and pace. Neither forced nor softened, the music feels effortlessly natural, true and alive… almost as if there were no technology involved at all.’

Manufacturer’s Specifications:  Miyajima Saboten L Phono Cartridge

Frequency Range: 20Hz–32kHz
Output Voltage: 0.23mV
Impedance: 16Ω
Rec. Load Resistance: 100–250Ω
Rec Tracking Force: 3.0g
Compliance: 8×10-6cm/dyne
Weight: 9.5g
Price: $7,490 (RRP)

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