The Melbourne International Hi-Fi Show, held each year since 2016, is back again in 2020, but with a new name and at a new venue.

This year, it will be called the 2020 Melbourne Home Entertainment Expo and it will be held at the Pullman Convention & Events Centre, Albert Park, Melbourne over the weekend November 6–8, 2020. ‘At the last show, we had a long waiting list for rooms and suites of all sizes, especially large ones,’ said show organiser Marc Rushton, of StereoNet. ‘This year we can cater for a lot more exhibitors, have ambitious showcase stands for the big boys, great listening rooms for everybody, affordable spaces for startups and smaller companies, and of course we’re able to accommodate a much larger number of visitors.

Rushton told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine that he’s planned a massive national marketing campaign to start in April to promote the show, is arranging for guest speakers to give expert seminars across all three days and will be running a three-day Record Fair in conjunction with the show. ‘The audiovisual and home entertainment market is evolving rapidly. Consumers in Australia are tech-savvy and are more interested in smart devices, 4K/8K TVs, streaming and a connected lifestyle than ever before,’ he said.

2020 Melbourne Home Entertainment Expo
Show Dates: 6–8 November 2020
Venue: Pullman Convention & Events Centre, Albert Park, Melbourne.

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Meanwhile, in Sydney, the HIFI2020 SHOW is scheduled to take place at the Novotel Sydney Central Hotel, 169–179 Thomas St, Sydney, over the weekend 3–5 April 2020.

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