McIntosh has released its XRT2.1K four-way line array loudspeakers, a pair of which uses 166 drivers between them, including 90 tweeters.

Each XRT2.1K has six 203-mm bass drivers, two 165mm lower-midrange drivers, 28 165mm-diameter upper-midrange drivers with cones made of aluminium/magnesium and 45 19mm-diameter metal-dome tweeters. The bass and low frequency midrange drivers use extremely stiff, lightweight cones manufactured from a honeycomb material comprised of carbon fibre and Nomex, and are said to be of a new design specifically created for use in the XRT2.1K. System sensitivity is rated at 90dBSPL/w/m.

The upper-midrange drivers and tweeters are configured as a line array, a geometry that alters the rate at which sound pressure level drops off with distance, so listeners hear the same volume of sound no matter how near or far they’re positioned from the speakers. ‘The XRT2.1K Loudspeaker represents the next evolution of McIntosh home audio speakers,’ said Philip Sawyer, of Synergy Audio Visual, which distributes McIntosh in Australia. ‘Developed using the experience gained from more than 45 years of designing loudspeakers, the XRT2.1K is a full range system that provides spacious sound reproduction with an unusually deep sound stage and an even frequency response over the entire audible range.’

McIntosh’s XRT2.1K speakers stand 2.1 metres high and are made using brushed and black aluminium finished with seven layers of high-gloss piano-black paint and with silvered aluminium end caps. The removable speaker grilles are attached via magnets. Triple pairs of McIntosh’s patented, gold-plated ‘Solid Cinch’ speaker binding posts are fitted to enable bi-wiring or bi-amping or tri-amping or tri-wiring.

For further information, please contact Synergy Audio Visual