McIntosh has released its XRT1.1K loudspeaker, a smaller and less expensive version of the McIntosh XRT2.1K.

The McIntosh XRT1.1K is a four-way, line-array design that uses four 165mm bass drivers in a ported enclosure, two 165mm lower-midrange drivers, twenty-four 50mm upper midrange drivers and forty 19mm tweeters, so a total of 70 drivers per channel. The bass and low frequency midrange drivers are the same as used in the XRT2.1K and are housed in a bass-reflex enclosure cabinet located behind the line array. McIntosh says the upper frequency midrange drivers and tweeters are also from the XRT2.1K.

Thanks to its more user-friendly size the new XRT1.1K can comfortably fit in a wider variety of home environments,’ said Philip Sawyer of Synergy AV, ‘but despite the smaller size, it’s still an extraordinary loudspeaker that produces a powerful aural experience and sonic performance that can easily fill a room with astonishing musicality and, thanks to the use of a line array, listeners will hear exactly the same sound no matter where they are in the room.’

The finish and appearance of the new XRT1.1K is identical to that of the XRT2.1K, with the bass cabinet finished with seven layers of high gloss piano black paint with brushed and black aluminium highlights. The line array, with its black central section and silver trim, echoes the appearance of the front panels used on McIntosh amplifiers. Sawyer told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine that McIntosh expects to ship the first models destined for Australia early in the new year, and that assuming current exchange rates, the McIntosh XRT1.1K speakers will go on sale in Australia at $110,000 per pair (RRP).

For more information, contact Synergy Audio Visual.