US high-end manufacturer McIntosh has started shipping its MTI100 ‘integrated’ turntable. It’s integrated because it has an amplifier built in, so you can connect your speakers directly to the turntable.

The McIntosh MTI100 also has analogue and digital inputs, so you can connect other components to it, as well as on-board wireless (Bluetooth V4.2), so you can stream to it from your phone. And if you don’t want to use speakers, well it has a high-quality headphone amplifier built in as well.

The new McIntosh MTI 100 integrated turntable is truly a one-of-a-kind product, designed for those who want maximum flexibility in their home audio system but don’t want a large audio system,’ said Philip Sawyer, of Synergy Audio Visual, which distributes McIntosh in Australia. ‘With all the built-in connectivity the MTI100 offers, it can become the centre-piece of a modern home audio system for modern lifestyles.’

As you might have guessed, being made by McIntosh - and of course from the photograph of it above! - the MTI100 has a valve pre-amplifier stage. The power amplifier is a solid-state Class-D design that McIntosh rates with a power output of 50-watts per channel into 8Ω and 80-watts per channel into 4Ω. External inputs comprise an unbalanced analogue line input, a digital coaxial input and an optical input. In addition to left and right speaker outputs, the MTI100 also has a line output to drive an external powered subwoofer output and the aforementioned headphone jack.

The McIntosh MTI100’s 3.18 kg machined aluminium platter is belt-driven via an a.c. synchronous motor. Speed change (between 33.33 and 45rpm) is achieved manually via a 2-step pulley. The MTI100’s tonearm comes pre-fitted with a Sumiko Olympia moving-magnet phono cartridge. The MTI100 is fitted with an input selector switch and a volume control, but both can also be controlled via the supplied infra-red remote control.

The Australian price will be $11,995, and we gather the first units may arrive as soon as end-February. 

For more information contact Synergy Audio Visual