Mark Levinson has followed up on its first-ever turntable, the No 515, with the confusingly similarly numbered No 5105 turntable, which it showed for the first time at CES 2020 in Las Vegas. [Click on image to enlarge]

Like its predecessor, the new Mark Levinson No 5105 is belt-driven, with motive power being supplied by a 12-volt synchronous a.c. motor which is controlled by a DSP power supply to ensure speed stability and low levels of wow and flutter. The 6.35 kg platter is machined from solid aluminium and rotates on a hardened steel axle and bearings. It comes with an hourglass-shaped record clamp made from bead-blasted brass-filled machined aluminium. ‘The 5105 has an oil-free bearing bottom made of a mix of composite material with integrated lubrication and a maintenance-free sintered brass bushing that ensures reliable operation for years to come,’ said Jim Garrett, of Harman, which manufactures Mark Levinson. The 5105’s 50mm plinth is machined from a single billet of aluminium. Underneath it are three adjustable aluminium feet, each with what Mark Levinson calls a ‘mixed-material’ internal suspension system.

The custom 254mm straight carbon-fibre tonearm tube is fused to a solid aluminium headshell that comes fitted with a factory-installed Ortofon Quintet Black moving-coil phono cartridge, but is also available without it. The aluminium gimballed tonearm mount is equipped with traditional string-and-weight anti-skating. The No 5105’s speed selection (33.33 and 45 rpm) and on/standby control buttons are fitted to a window of tinted glass that is recessed into a 25mm thick bead-blasted, black-anodised, solid aluminium front panel.

The No 5105 blends lustrous elements intrinsic to the acclaimed 5000 series industrial design, while introducing new material combinations essential for its exceptional performance,’ said Garrett. ‘Engineered and built for the discriminating analog music lover, the No 5105 delivers an amazing level of warmth and fidelity that must be heard to be appreciated… and all this at a price point that will allow us to introduce legendary Mark Levinson quality to a broader set of recorded music enthusiasts.’

When it becomes available in June in the USA, the Mark Levinson No 5105 turntable will sell for around $US7,000 including cartridge.

For more information, contact Mark Levinson’s Australian distributor, Convoy International