Marantz has released its range-topping SR7012 network AV receiver, which features up-to-the-minute home cinema technology including Dolby Atmos/DTS:X/Auro-3D decoding and full 4K compatibility, along with HEOS wireless multiroom audio capability.

The Marantz SR7012 is a single-box processing/control amplification solution with nine amp channels built-in, as well as a wide range of facilities including network streaming, compatibility with ultra-high-resolution music formats, Bluetooth and Airplay for playback from portable devices, and HEOS wireless multiroom system providing access to popular streaming services like Deezer, Spotify, TuneIn Internet Radiom, Tidal, SoundCloud and more.

For the SR7012, the Marantz audio engineers have completely re-tuned the audio signal path using new parts, including a 192kHz/32bit digital to analogue converter block with clock jitter remover for a more precise sound. Wide-bandwidth Marantz Hyper-Dynamic Amplifier Modules (or HDAMs), designed in-house using miniature discrete components to replace the more common, but poorer-sounding, ‘amp on a chip’ solutions found elsewhere are used throughout the SR7012. It also has a high-quality moving-magnet phono input.

The video signal path of the SR7012 is compatible with the full range of variations on 4K Ultra High Definition video, from 4K 60Hz video to HDR as well as Dolby Vision compatibility and Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG). It also has decoders for Dolby Atmo, dts:X and Auro-3D built-in. Eight HDMI inputs to allow enable a full array of high-definition sources to be connected, including Blu-ray Disc players, streaming devices, set top boxes and game consoles. It can also upscale legacy video sources to 4K, and is ready for professional ISF calibration for the very best video quality. Triple HDMI outputs allow the SR7012 to support not just TV and projector set-ups in the main listening room, but also a separate display in another part of the house with independent source.

Using HEOS circuitry, the SR7012 can access streaming services including Deezer, Spotify Connect and Tidal, along with Internet radio, and has built in Apple Airplay and Bluetooth wireless connectivity. It can also stream network music via Ethernet or built-in Wi-Fi, all the way up to ultra-high-resolution formats including DSD2.8/5.6. Moreover, the integrated HEOS wireless multiroom audio technology lets the receiver become part of a whole-house audio system. It will combine with other HEOS products, from wireless speakers to HEOS-equipped amplifiers, to allow the user to share network-stored music and streaming services, all under the control of the intuitive HEOS app. The SR7012 has a range of features to provide enhanced control and compatibility with 3rd party and custom integration solutions, including IP control, either via wired LAN connection or Wi-Fi. For compatibility with other components there's a remote control input and output on the rear panel, along with a flasher input and a 12V trigger output, while for direct connection to external home automation and control equipment, there's an RS-232C serial port. The SR7012 also features Crestron Connected for quick and easy integration with home automation equipment. 

Audyssey MultEQ XT32 audio set-up and calibration ensures precise sound, which the user can tune using the Audyssey Editor app available from the Google Play and iTunes stores. There’s also an improved Setup Assistant to lead the user through getting the most from the receiver, and Quick Select buttons for simple access to the settings for favourite sources.

Designed for, and by, discerning audio enthusiasts, this new Marantz SR7012 9.2-channel AV receiver will delight those for whom music is as much a part of their entertainment as TV and movies,’ said Ralph Grundl, of Qualifi, which distributes Marantz in Australia. Available now the Marantz SR7012 retails for $4,190 (RRP).

For more information, contact Qualifi.