Magico has released its M Project, a limited-edition loudspeaker (production limited to 50 pairs) to celebrate its tenth year of operation. The M Project is a three-way, five-driver floor-standing design that borrows motifs from Magico’s Q, Mini and S series while at the same time presented in a newly-designed curved shape, which incorporates Magico’s ‘signature’ front baffle contour (but with edge- free top and bottom plates) and carbon-fibre sides.

The M Project features a new tweeter Magico says it designed ‘from the ground up’ that has a diamond-coated beryllium diaphragm. ‘Created using state-of-the-art finite element analysis modelling tools, this new tweeter pushes high-frequency reproduction one step closer to perfection, skillfully leveraging beryllium’s physical properties (closer to the theoretical ideal) yet without gaining the extra weight normally associated with diamond’s specific gravity,’ Magico’s Alon Wolf told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine. ‘This new technology enabled us to increase the dome diameter to 28mm (up from 26mm), improving many aspects of performance while enabling even greater power handling. Combining these components with a new motor system in a new acoustically improved back chamber, the results are the lowest distortion possible today in a high-frequency transducer.

The midrange driver in the M Series is a 153mm unit with a 55mm titanium voice-coil coupled to a Magico’s proprietary ‘Nanotec’ cone. It uses an underhung extra-large N48H neodymium magnet as well as a top stabilising magnet. Magico claims these measures deliver a magnetic field of 1.7 Tesla in the 15mm air gap. Magico further claims this driver has an excursion capability of ±6mm and is capable of delivering undistorted SPLs of 120dB at one metre. The M Project uses three 254mm bass drivers, all with Nanotec cones.

Manufacturer’s Specifications: Magico M Series
Sensitivity: 91dBSPL
Impedance: 4Ω
Freq Range: 20Hz–50kHz
Dimensions (HDW): 1450×570×370mm
Weight: 180kg
Price: US$129,000 per pair
Availability: Oct 2014

For more information, contact Magico's Australian distributor, Absolute Hi End