Magico is soon to release a floor-standing, three-way, four-driver loudspeaker design called the S3 Mk II which it says incorporates all the design elements of the current S-Series Mk II models, but adds newly-designed 229mm bass drivers that derive from the company’s 10th Anniversary M-Project.

High-frequencies are delivered by a 25mm diamond-coated beryllium-diaphragm tweeter that Magico says offers increased power-handling over the original S-series tweeters, and it’s mounted in an aluminium housing that is said to minimise overall resonances and improve the isolation parameters for the tweeter dome.

Midrange frequencies are delivered by a 152mm driver, proprietary to Magico, which has a ‘multi-wall’ carbon fibre cone that’s coated with a layer of XG nanographene. ‘This driver is 20 per cent lighter and 300 per cent stiffer than the previous S-series cone designs,’ said Peter Mackay, of Magico. ‘And it operates out of a purpose-built sub-enclosure made of a proprietary polymer material to ensure an isolated and optimised environment.’

The two 229mm diameter bass drivers, whose cones are of similar multi-wall nanographene construction to the midrange drivers, are driven by 127mm diameter voice coils made from pure titanium. ‘This combination means the cones have 12mm linear excursion and produce clean, undistorted sound pressure levels up to 112dBSPL at a distance of one metre, at a frequency of 50Hz,’ Mackay told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine.

The monocoque enclosure of the S3 Mk II is formed from a single piece of extruded aluminium that is 9.5mm thick and 305mm in diameter and has a massive base plate to lower the cabinet’s centre of gravity. The three-way crossover network uses state-of-the-art components, including Germany’s Mundorf capacitors. ‘This crossover uses Magico’s elliptical symmetry topology,’ said Boris Granovsky, of Absolute HiEnd, which distributes Magico in Australia. ‘This design approach maximises frequency bandwidth while preserving phase linearity and minimising intermodulation distortion.’

The S3 Mk II is available in two standard finishes: a textured satin coat Magico calls ‘M-Cast’ and a smooth high-gloss painted finish Magico calls ‘M-Coat’. Granovsky says his first samples will arrive in Australia in January, at which time he expects that they will sell for around $43,900 per pair (RRP).

Manufacturer’s Specifications: Magico S3 Mk II
Frequency Response: 24Hz–50kHz ±3dB 
Sensitivity: 88dBSPL @ 1w @ 1m
Minimum Impedance: 4Ω
Dimensions (HWD): 1220×300×300mm
Weight: 77kg
Price: $43,900 per pair (RRP)

For further information, please contact Absolute HiEnd