The long-awaited Mag-Lev ML-1 turntable, whose platter is not only supported entirely by magnetic force, but is also rotated by magnetic force—so there is no drive motor or belt—is now available in Australia for $3,495 (RRP).
The Slovenian company behind the Mag-Lev ML-1 turntable (Mag-Lev Audio) has not released details of exactly how the platter is rotated, other than to say that there is ‘no motor’, and that it’s powered by a ‘magnetic coil drive’. Wow and flutter is claimed to be ‘0.17%’ (no measurement standard specified) and signal-to-noise ratio as ‘–73dB’ (no reference level specified). The 2.2kg turntable platter is made from an ABS/carbon-fibre composite into which are embedded both metal and neodymium magnets, plus mirrors are attached to the underside of the platter that are used by the speed control sensors in the plinth.
The platter can be rotated at either 33.33 or 45 rpm and in the event of a power failure, the Mag-Lev ML-1 has an internal capacitor bank that will kick in to provide the power to raise support four struts so that when the platter stops it cannot fall down onto the plinth, taking your LP with it.
The Mag-Lev ML-1 comes pre-fitted with a Pro-Ject 9cc tonearm. The armtube has an effective length of 228.6mm (9 inches), is made from carbon-fibre and the support pivot has ball-race vertical and horizontal bearings. An automatic tonearm lifter mechanism is incorporated into the pivot which lowers the tonearm automatically when the platter has come up to the correct speed and lifts the tonearm from the record surface when it reaches the run-out groove. The tonearm comes pre-fitted with an Ortofon OM10 moving-magnet cartridge which has a frequency response of 20Hz–20kHz ±3dB and an elliptical stylus that can be upgraded to a nude elliptical simply by replacing the supplied OM10 stylus assembly with an OM20 replacement stylus. Because of the strong magnetic fields around the turntable (anyone fitted with a heart pacemaker should not come within one metre of the ML-1) only certain phono cartridges will work correctly with the ML-1, a list of which is provided on the Mag-Lev website.
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For more information, contact Mag-Lev’s Australian distributor, Audio Magic.