New Australian outfit M8audio has released a sealed-box active subwoofer with a 254mm diameter driver that is specifically designed to integrate with the company’s recently-released Rocket 5.1 SuperResolution bookshelf/standmounts.

A good subwoofer that is set up properly should never call attention to itself,’ said Mark Thomsen of M8audio. ‘The low moving mass of the Sub OneTen results in a faster and more musical bass than any other sealed cabinet subwoofer we have compared it to, and if you add a Sub OneTen to your current setup you will notice that your system will play significantly deeper than before, and the sound will be very clean, accurate and musical with much improved authority.

The SW290-6 254mm driver used in the Sub OneTen has a soft, low loss rubber surround, a paper cone and a four-layer 75mm-diameter voice coil. ‘Having a four layer three inch copper voice coil is almost unheard of in a 10 inch driver,’ said Thomsen, ‘and results in an extremely firm grip of the diaphragm movements, and much reduced compression at high volumes due to the increased power handling of the larger voice coil.’ Power is supplied by a Class-D amplifier whose output M8audio rates at 300-watts. Overall, M8audio specifies the frequency response of the Sub OneTen at 33–120Hz ±3dB. It measures 315×350×350mm (HWD), weighs 15.5kg and is available in a Satin White finish or in Bird's Eye Maple for $2,400.

M8audio is a factory-direct operation. Ordering is via M8audio’s website. Free 30-day trials are offered, details of which may be found on the company’s website.

For further information, please contact M8audio