Australian loudspeaker manufacturer M8audio has released a new loudspeaker called the ‘Sweet Maxwell’, a two-way, rear-firing bass-reflex bookshelf design with a pure Beryllium tweeter and a bass/midrange driver with a cone made of Egyptian papyrus. It’s the first release in M8audio’s ‘Maxwell’ range.

The M8audio Sweet Maxwell’s bass/midrange driver is rated with a diameter of 187mm and its Egyptian papyrus cone is powered by a neodymium magnet structure contained within a cast aluminium chassis. ‘This driver is substantially larger than the norm for a two-way design, and contributes to the very satisfying bass, while still achieving superior midrange resolution and presence,’ said Mark Thomsen, the founder of M8audio. ‘The low damping rubber surround and advanced BIMAX spider maintain great linearity, ensuring every musical detail is preserved, even at very low listening levels. The newly-developed diaphragm is made with Egyptian Papyrus fibres, resulting in a uniquely natural and pleasing sound signature, yet preserving the details and dynamics typically only found in hard cone materials.’

The tweeter has a 29mm diameter pure beryllium diaphragm driven by a CCAW voice coil that M8audio claims delivers near-pistonic behaviour to beyond 40kHz. It, too, uses a neodymium motor with a shallow flow magnet design to optimise rear chamber coupling and dual copper implants to minimise and linearise inductance.

The Sweet Maxwell’s crossover network uses high-quality components including edge-wound baked air-core inductors, and polypropylene and Alumen-Z capacitors, to give a crossover frequency of 1.5kHz. ‘The new Alumen-Z capacitors were incorporated for their phenomenal transparency combined with an unusual fatigue-free ease of listening that is quite unique to this high-performance capacitor,’ said Thomsen.

M8audio specifies the Sweet Maxwell’s frequency response as 47Hz–40kHz ±3dB and its efficiency as 86dBSPL (2.83V/1m). The nominal impedance is 6Ω, with a minimum of 4.2Ω at 135Hz.

Thomsen told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine that he named M8audio’s ‘Maxwell’ series of speakers to honour physicist James Clerk Maxwell, best-known for his important work on the relationships between electricity, electromagnetism and light. ‘Electromagnetism is at the foundation of the modern loudspeaker, and Maxwell’s work plays a large part in the accomplishments of the Maxwell speaker series, he said. ‘Although his work on electromagnetism was published more than 150 years ago it has been proven time and time again to be absolutely flawless. The Maxwell series of speakers is all about getting every last detail absolutely right.

Available now for $6,500 in Satin White or Tasmanian Blackwood, the M8audio Sweet Maxwell is only available factory-direct from M8audio, via its website. ‘We have decided to embrace the brave new world and are in the factory/internet direct category,’ said Thomsen. ‘But unlike all other factory/direct loudspeaker manufacturers we offer a 30-day trial which includes free shipping both ways.’

Manufacturer’s Specifications: M8audio Sweet Maxwell 

Description: Two-way bass-reflex bookshelf/standmount
Frequency Response: 47Hz–40kHz ±3dB
Crossover Frequency: 1.5kHz
Sensitivity: 86dBSPL (2.83V/1m)
Nominal Impedance: 6Ω
Minimum Impedance: 4.2Ω @ 135Hz
HF Driver: 29mm [T04BE]
LF Driver: 187mm [W187-4]
Dimensions (HWD): 450×216×344mm
Weight: 12kg
Price: A$6,500 per pair

For further information, please contact M8audio