French manufacturer Métronome has released the final two products in its AQWO range, the Métronome t|AQWO SACD/CD transport and the Métronome c|AQWO DAC. [Click image to enlarge]

Jean Marie Clauzel, Owner and Designer, of Métronome told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine: ‘Developed from scratch by our internal design office, these new products are the results of my decision to completely renew the product ranges of Métronome. We launched theAQWO in 2018, and it took one more year to finalise the top high-end transport and D/A converter. We made our very best so that these two devices are worthy successors to T8 and C8 legendary products.

The top-loading SACD/CD transport used in the t|AQWO is based on a professional drive mechanism made by D&M, but Métronome says it has made proprietary improvements to improve its performance. The c|AQWO DAC uses a pair of AK4497, 32/768kHz DACs (one per channel) in order to be able to decode DSD in native form up to 512, as well as all the most popular PCM formats. It has four digital outputs: AES/EBU, S/PDIF, Toslink, and HDMI I²S.

Both the new Métronome SACD player and the DAC are sleek, attractive designs that exhibit the unmistakable Métronome style, which exhibits elegance, visual purity and robustness,’ said Josef Riediger of Kedcorp, which distributes Métronome in Australia. ‘The outstanding analog Métronome sound is based on the combination of exceptional components and the excellence of the Elektra external power supplies, with the t|AQWO having 3 toroidal transformers with 7 regulation lines and the c|AQWO having 4 transformers feeding 11 regulation lines.’
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