Over the past 28 years, Japanese high-end manufacturer Luxman has released only four turntables. It has now released its fifth—a belt-drive model, the Luxman PD-151. [Pictured above and below, click images to enlarge.]

The Luxman PD-151 has an under-slung, suspended structure, with components mounted on the underneath of the top panel chassis, which the company claims eliminates the influence of vibrations from the supporting surface. The 10mm thick, machined aluminium top panel provides a rigid base for the moving parts and the heavyweight 4.0kg platter that rotates on a high-precision stainless steel centre spindle, a PEEK thrust bearing and a brass radial bearing.

Driven by a newly developed, high-precision brushless d.c. motor, Luxman says its PD-151 delivers wow and flutter of less than 0.04% (WRMS) and maintains speed exactly at all three user-selectable speeds—(33.33, 45, and 78rpm) thanks to its sine wave PID speed controller circuitry.

The S-shaped tonearm is made for Luxman by Jelco, and is a static balance design with a single-point cross-suspension bearing, and overhang of 229mm and an effective length of 214mm. It’s designed for cartridges weighing between 4 and 12 grams. The magnesium headshell is removable, to allow easy cartridge substitutions.

The PD-151 is a classic, premium-quality Luxman belt-drive turntable design at a new, lower price-point,’ said Bruce Thierbach, of Audio Active, which distributes Luxman in Australia. ‘To keep the exterior design and top panel as clean and elegant as possible, Luxman’s engineers focused on the three major elements of the turntable: the tonearm, the platter and the drive system. Key design priorities such as of ease of use, attractive design and seamless functionality are perfectly harmonised so with its reliable performance and functional elegance, the PD-151 will continue into the future as a benchmark for belt-drive turntables in its class.’

Available now, the Luxman PD-151 retails for $6,499 (RRP) without dustcover.

For more information, contact Audio Active