Luxman has released its MQ-300 SET valve amplifier, which it rates with an output power of 8-watts per channel into any one of its three transformer taps: 4Ω, 8Ω or 16Ω.

The valve complement of the MQ-300 comprises two 5AR4s (Sovtek), four 6SN7GTBs (Tung-Sol) and two TA-300Bs (Takatsuki Electric). If you’ve done a double-take on those directly heated triodes, you’d be in good company, because these are new, rare and very expensive valves that are made in Japan and retail in Australia for $2,549 per matched pair. According to reviewer Constantine Soo, the Takatsuki 300Bs are the only valves he’d consider using in place of his Western Electric 300Bs. The audio stages of the MQ-300 are powered by a choke-regulated power supply, while all the valve heaters are powered by individual solid-state rectified supplies (see block diagram below).

Luxman rates the frequency response of the MQ-300 at 20Hz–20kHz (+0.3, –1.5dB) and 10Hz–30kHz (+0.3dB, –3.0dB). The signal-to-noise ratio is specified at 105dB A-weighted referenced to 1-watt output and THD is 1.0% at the same output level. The MQ-300 measures 460×237×340mm (HWD) and weighs 29.0kg. ‘Luxman has put all the wisdom and tradition it’s accumulated since the company was first founded in 1925 into the design and build of the new MQ-300,’ said Paul Clarke, of Audio Active, which distributes Luxman in Australia. ‘From the moment you first hear it, you’ll realise that this single-ended triode design is something very special…partly because of the TA-300Bs, but also because of the fact that Luxman is using traditional oil-filled capacitors in the circuitry. It’s the only manufacturer I know of that goes to this level of attention to detail. ’ Clark told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine that he’s expecting the first shipment of Luxman MQ-300s to arrive in April and that at the current exchange rate, he predicts the recommended retail price will be $24,299.

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