Melbourne audio distributor Audio Active is now distributing the Lithe Audio range of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth ceiling speakers in Australia. [Click image to enlarge]

Lithe Audio’s custom install products provide an all-in-one simple plug-and-play solution that’s perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, and anywhere around the home,’ said Bruce Thierbach, general manager of Sales and Marketing at Audio Active. ‘No more speakers lying around on kitchen benches or on the floor. This discrete audio performance product adds real value to both domestic and commercial applications.’

Each of Lithe Audio’s active Wi-Fi ceiling speakers has an amplifier rated with an output of 60-wattts built in and it’s possible to stream audio to a single speaker, or to up to 30 speakers simultaneously for a multi-room audio. Lithe Audio also has passive models available which can be partnered with the active models to double the number of speakers operating at the same time.

Lithe Audio’s active Bluetooth 5 ceiling speakers have amplifiers rated with an output of 50-watts per channel and are intended to be used in single to three-zone applications. Both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth models are controlled via a dedicated App that also allows streaming from most popular music content providers, including Spotify Connect, Deezer, Tidal and Tune-In. The Wi-Fi models can also be integrated into Control 4 systems. ‘Lithe Audio was established in 2008 by two real tech geeks, Wesley Siu and Amit Ravat,’ said Thierbach. ‘The simplicity and beauty of these integrated speakers are resonating with people around the world. These ceiling speakers combine amplifiers, receivers and audio in a single, compact and easy-to-install unit without the need for speaker cables in the walls. The company catchphrase says it all: Power It. Sync It. Play It.

Prices start at $549 for the Lithe Audio Bluetooth models, and $699 for the Lithe Audio Wi-Fi models.

For more information, contact Audio Active