Leica Camera and Master & Dynamic have joined forces to create a range of premium headphones bearing the ‘0.95’ logo that goes on-sale today.
New York-based manufacturer Master & Dynamic, which manufactures premium speakers, headphones and audio accessories, has collaborated with famous German camera and lens manufacturer Leica to build three pairs of headphones that bear the ‘0.95’ logo.
The ‘0.95’ logo is an homage to the world’s fastest aspherical lens, the Leica Noctilux-M 50 mm f/0.95 ASPH and stands for the commitment to exceeding what is technically possible,’ said Rachelle McGowan, of Leica Australia. ‘All products of this brand therefore also have a unique character and the ability to surprise and delight their owners. They embody Leica’s passion for transforming innovative technologies and materials into tangible experiences that fulfil the highest expectations—within and beyond the world of photographic tools.’
All three headphones in the new collection are manufactured with premium materials including real cow hide and stainless steel, while many of the small design details that feature on the new headphones have been borrowed from legendary Leica products, such as the knurling on the dials of the camera controls and Leica's signature red glass dot.
The three models in the new collection are the MW60B-95 over-ear wireless headphones, which use 45mm-diameter custom neodymium drivers, have an exposed antenna to guarantee ‘best-in-class’ signal range and are powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery with a claimed life of 16-hours. They retail for $849 (RRP).
The Masters and Dynamic for 0.95 MH40 over-ear headphones also use custom-designed 45mm-diameter neodymium drivers and come standard with two cables and dual input/output ports so two people can share the same audio device or watch the same movie on a tablet whilst travelling. Retail is $599 (RRP).
The Masters & Dynamic for 0.95 ME05 in-ear ‘phones are made from solid brass that’s been coated with black chrome and sell for $299 (RRP). ‘These earphones feature a distinctive form with ergonomic and elegant details and benefit from the acoustic properties of brass,’ said McGowan. ‘The ME05B-95s utilise custom 8mm drivers for superb sound quality and are custom-machined like all Leica products. Balanced weight distribution ensures a snug, comfortable fit.’ Also available is a headphone stand specifically designed to keep the headphones safely stored whenever they’re not in use. The MP1000 stand sells for $89 (RRP).
The ‘Master & Dynamic for 0.95’ collection is available in Leica Stores around Australia, as well as from authorised Leica dealers.
For more information, contact Leica Camera Australia on (03) 9248 4444 or visit https://au.leica-camera.com/