The highly-anticipated Kii Audio BXT bass extension modules for the critically-acclaimed Kii Three active loudspeaker system are now available in Australia. [Click images for larger views]

The Kii BXT Bass extension module expands upon the widely lauded Kii Three active stand-mount speaker system, replacing the Three’s speaker stands and transforming the previously compact speaker into a full-sized floor standing system by adding 16 bass drivers (eight per channel) and additional amplification that Kii rates at 7000 watts.

The effect of the BXT expansion module is pronounced and must be heard to be believed,’ said Rom Beyerle, of Pure Music Group, which distributes Kii in Australia. ‘The already full-range Kii Three monitor gain gobs of dynamic headroom, further improved cardioid bass response and combats the effect of floor bounce. This significant upgrade to the Three creates a full range system that effortlessly energizes even the largest of listening rooms with deep and incredibly fast and accurate bass Kii is so well known for. This scaled-up bass capability paired with ground-breaking cardioid directivity and exact phase response makes for a 21st century hi-fi system that every audiophile and music lover should experience.'

For more information, contact Pure Music Group