Although Dutch manufacturer Kharma had exhibited its new Enigma Veyron EV-2 loudspeakers at the Munich High End show last year, it said that their appearance at CES 2017 was the first time they’d been shown in North America Enigma Veyron.

‘The Enigma Veyron EV-2 speakers were developed as a part of our continuing program to develop the world’s most technically advanced and aesthetically beautiful audio products,’ said Mitchell Van Oosterum, who was demonstrating in a palatial suite (35-305) on the thirty-fifth floor of the Venetian Tower. ‘They are  part of the most extreme and extraordinary line of ultra-performance loudspeakers available in the world today.’

The EV-2 has a cabinet made from a material Kharma calls ‘bulletwood’. The driver complement comprises a pair of 25mm diamond-coated concave tweeters, a pair of 50mm diamond-coated concave tweeters, a pair of  Kharma’s Omega-F 178mm midrange drivers and a pair of Omega-F 280mm bass drivers, as well as a pair of 280mm passive radiators (located on the rear panel). ‘We named the Omega-F after the 1855 discovery of Eddy currents by Leon Foucault, and our desire to eliminate the deleterious effects he described,’ Van Oosterum told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine. ‘In order to do this, we had to develop and implement a completely new and unique motor system that eliminates the need for iron as a focusing element.’ The Omega-F driver has a chassis that’s made entirely from carbon fibre, as well as a carbon-fibre cone. The voice coil former is also made from ultra-stiff, light-weight carbon fibre. ‘In essence it’s an all-out electrical and mechanical assault on the status quo that results in a device that acts faster, has less distortion and has vastly increased resolution across the drivers’ entire bandwidth allow for better transients, less colouration, and a more refined, complex harmonic structure,’ said Van Oosterum.

Manufacturer’s Specifications: Kharma Enigma Veyron EV-2

Frequency Range: 24Hz - 90kHz
Nominal Impedance:    4Ω
Minimum Impedance:    3.4Ω
Sensitivity: 93dBSPL (2.83V /1m)
Maximum SPL:    120 dB
Dimensions (WHD): 479×1985×809mm
Price: $US437,500/pair (RRP)

For more information about availability and local pricing, contact Kharma's Australian distributor, Radiance Audio Visual.