KEF has released its Q250c LCR speaker, a smaller, more compact version of its Q650c, which is available in black, white and walnut finishes. [Pictured above in walnut, click on image to enlarge.]

The KEF Q250c incorporates KEF’s Uni-Q driver, the tweeter in which now has a new damped tweeter loading tube. The bass driver has also been improved plus there’s a new low-distortion inductor used in the crossover network. The external appearance has also been improved with seamless baffles with magnetic grilles giving a clean uncluttered appearance. ‘The improvements to the bass driver and crossover network mean cleaner, punchier bass, even at high volumes,’ said Nigel Ng of Advance Audio Australia, which distributes KEF in Australia, ‘and the compact, sealed enclosure is perfect for positioning within furniture, AV racks or close to walls. And as an LCR it can also be used vertically as left and right speakers as well as as a centre-channel or matched with other speakers in KEF’s Q Series range.’

Those other speakers include two bookshelf speakers (Q150 and Q350), three floor-standers (Q550, Q750 and Q950), the larger Q650c and the Q50a Dolby Atmos speaker. ‘KEF’s eighth-generation Q Series has won countless global accolades for delivering a highly sophisticated and accomplished sound performance,’ Ng told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine. ‘An exciting new addition to the already impressive range, the Q250c is an elegantly designed LCR speaker with even more set-up options to allow effortless integration into any home theatre system.’ When it becomes available in November, the projected retail price will be $795 (RRP) each..

For more information, contact Advance Audio Australia