KEF celebrated its 50th Anniversary almost 18 months ago. One of the most memorable parts of the celebration was the publication of the book ‘50 Years of Innovation in Sound’, written by former KEF engineer Dr Andrew Watson and Ken Kessler, which has since been well-reviewed right around the world.

The large, handsome coffee-table tome is a definitive study of the company’s first 50 years and tells the company’s story from its 1961 founding in a Nissen hut in Maidstone, England to the launch of the now-famous Blade speaker at the Munich High End Show in July 2011. Kessler and Watson interviewed more than 30 current and former KEF employees and selected illustrations from the thousands of photographs in KEF’s archives. Kessler and Watson also reviewed documentation from the company’s records and recorded more than 100 hours of interviews. Additional support and materials were provided by members of KEF founder Raymond Cooke’s family, including a foreword written by his son, Martin Raymond Cooke.

The resulting 216-page 50 Years of Innovation in Sound tells a fascinating, in depth story of KEF’s history and progression through the last five decades and provides an intimate glimpse into the company’s history, featuring many interesting archive photographs and newly-captured illustrations of classic and current speaker models. It also includes comprehensive listings of every product, providing audio enthusiasts with a very detailed historical reference.

Only a few copies of the book remain available in Australia, and are now available for only $99 per copy. A mandatory purchase for anyone who owns a pair of KEF speakers, old or new. To get one, email Nigel Ng, Marketing Manager at Advance Audio, or contact Advance Audio.

altThe book "50 Years of Innovation in Sound" written to celebrate KEF's 50th Anniversary, is now available for only $99 from Advance Audio.