JL Audio has appointed Advance Audio Australia as the Australian distributor for its home hi-fi subwoofer and electronics.

JL Audio is one of the most well-known subwoofers in the industry, continually setting new benchmarks for subwoofer performance,’ said Josef Riediger, of Advance Audio. ‘They're also well-known for their after-sales service, bending over backwards to support their customers, which is something we too place great importance on, so we're very excited and honoured to be working with JL Audio.’

JL Audio’s flagship subwoofer is the Gotham v2, [pictured right, click image to enlarge] which is distinguished by its massive hand-finished gloss-black fibreglass-composite enclosure. This enclosure is home to a pair of JL Audio subwoofer drivers, each capable of more than 100mm of peak-to-peak excursion capability, which is enabled by the inbuilt amplifier, which JL Audio rates with an output of 4,500 watts. Also onboard is a sophisticated DSP processor that controls all functions including digital 18-band automatic room optimisation technology. ‘Listening to JL Audio’s Gotham v2 will reveal to you an entirely new dimension of subwoofer performance,’ said Riediger, ‘one so satisfying that listening to lesser subwoofers will forever become an act of compromise.’

JL Audio says the frequency response of the Gotham v2 is within ±1.5dB across the range from 19Hz to 112Hz and has useable output from as low as 14Hz. And the dimensions? Wait for it, because the Gotham v2 is 546mm wide, 867mm high, and 610mm deep. It also weighs a staggering 163kg!

For more information, contact Advance Audio Australia