Yes it’s an ‘xCan’ headphone amplifier, but it’s not the Musical Fidelity X-Can headphone amplifier. It’s the iFi Audio xCan headphone amplifier. Or more precisely, iFi Audio’s xCAN is a portable, stereo (dual-mono) Bluetooth (aptX and AAC) headphone amplifier that British company Ifi say is: ‘for use with smartphones, computers, TVs and digital audio players (DAP)s.’

While the DACs in most high-end DAPs are more than capable, their inbuilt headphone amplifiers often lack in power,’ said George Poutakidis of BusiSoftAV, which distributes iFi in Australia. ‘IFi’s xCAN gives them the boost they deserve with the xCAN by providing 1000 milliwatts of power per channel, and the sonic difference that results is there to be heard.’

The provision of Bluetooth on the iFi Audio xCan means that if your phone doesn’t have aptX, you can improve your wireless connection by simply plugging your headphones into the xCAN and pairing it with your phone. When used as a portable, iFi Audio says that the 2200mAh Lithium-Polymer battery inside the xCan will provide eight hours of play time. As with many iFi products, the new xCan includes iFi’s X-Bass+ and 3D+ circuits. The former is said to ‘clean up and restore a rich, deeper bass line’, while the latter is to ‘re-create a live stage atmosphere.’ The iFi xCan will go on sale next week for $439.95 (RRP).

For more information, contact BusiSoftAV