Holton Audio has released its Ex Nihilo monobloc power amplifier, rated as being able to deliver 900-watts continuously into a 2Ω load.
All Holton Audio amplifiers are built in Tasmania, Australia, by founder and designer Anthony E. Holton, who told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine that the new Ex Nihilo was the result of his more than 20 years of research and product development in high-fidelity audio amplification. ‘Our new flagship, the Ex Nihilo, is the first member of a new product line integrating the most recent technological advances, conceived from an idea to produce a no-compromise power amplifier that could drive any hi-fi loudspeaker in the known world’ he said.
The Ex Nihilo is a Class A/B design that has a fully-shielded and encapsulated 2.5kVA toroidal transformer, placed on its own patented double-isolated mezzanine mounting system that Holton says ‘cancels all acoustic noise’. This massive transformer feeds two high-current bridge rectifiers that in turn feed dual banks of low-ESR filter capacitors with a total capacitance of 225,000μF that provides power for the output stage, which comprises twelve 250-watt rated dual-die lateral MOSFETs. The input driver stage has its own electronically regulated power supply with an isolated bridge rectifier filter bank in order to provide total isolation from the high-current output stage. The gold-plate printed circuit boards are all 2mm thick with 2-ounce copper tracks. The Ex Nihilo is a true direct coupled power amplifier with no capacitors anywhere in the signal path including the feedback network, so a sophisticated d.c. servo network is used to maintain d.c. offset at zero. Power-up and power-down is noiseless, thanks to a smart power controller that also provides additional amplifier protection.
The casing of the Ex Nihilo is constructed from 10mm-thick aerospace-grade aluminium alloy and can be ordered in silver or black (or silver and black combined) finishes, and the standard connectors that are fitted (ETI Research, Neutrik, Schaffner and ESO) can be customised to suit specific requirements. Available now, the Holton Audio Ex Nihilo monobloc power amplifiers retail for $29,000 per mirror-imaged pair. 
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Manufacturer’s Specifications: Holton Audio Ex Nihilo Monobloc Power Amplifier
Power Output: 275-watts (8Ω)
                            525-watts (4Ω)
                            900-watts (2Ω)
Freq. Resp.: 1.5Hz–200kHz –3 dB
S/N Ratio: 110dB unweighted
Gain: 26.8dB/32.8dB (unbalanced/balanced)
Input Impedance: 20kΩ/40kΩ (unbalanced/balanced)
Input Sensitivity: 2.0VRMS
Damping Factor: 1300
Dimensions (WHD): 355×220×420mm
Weight: 35kg
Price: $29,000 per pair