Wilson Benesch’s new GMT One turntable, announced at Munich's HIGH END 2019 to mark Wilson Benesch’s 30th Anniversary, has what Wilson Benesch claims is the world’s first axially orientated, precision magnetically geared turntable drive. (Pictured Above: GMT One with Craig Milnes, Design Director at Wilson Benesch. Click on image for larger version.)

Called an ‘Omega Drive’, Wilson Benesch says its new ‘Omega Drive’ is the most accurate drive system ever developed for a turntable. ‘The Omega Drive does not rely upon a belt, it does not rely upon an idler drive, nor a direct drive system,’ said Craig Milnes, Design Director at WB. ‘The GMT One system deploys a recently patented magnetic gear technology which shifts the paradigm by redefining a completely new mode of drive. For generations, the historical methods of providing ‘accurate drive’ have stood unchallenged. The Omega Drive attains unprecedented levels of accuracy and virtually zero noise thanks to the axially orientated binary bearing design at its heart.

The GMT One turntable is isolated from external vibration by a microprocessor controlled pneumatic system the company calls an Alpha Isolation System that it says was developed in collaboration with a leading optical measurement system isolation company. ‘Fully autonomous, and operating with microscopic precision within millisecond time-frames, it provides isolation to 1.7Hz,’ Milnes told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine.

Three new tonearms have been developed for use with the GMT One: The ‘Moment’, a low-mass arm, the CTi-30, a medium-mass arm, and the Graviton medium/high mass arm. All were developed in collaboration with the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre at Sheffield University and the Femto-ST Research Laboratory. The VTA of all can be adjusted via remote control. ‘Our Piezo VTA System is the world’s first remotely adjustable VTA,’ said Milnes. ‘It means VTA is fully controllable from the listening position, and allows unprecedented accuracy with adjustment to within 2.5 microns.

The new GMT One (GMT stands for Greenwhich Mean Time) follows on from two earlier Wilson Benesch turntables, the WB-One (1989) and the Full Circle (1999) [Pictured below, click on image for larger version]. ‘This new turntable is the result of more than 20-years of collaborative development,’ said Boris Granovsky, of Absolute HiEnd, which distributes Wilson Benesch in Australia. ‘It was developed under the project name ‘Mondrian Project’ and benefited from grant funding from both the UK and Europe that allowed Wilson Benesch to draw upon the expertise of academics and engineers working at the cutting edge of advanced research within their respective fields.

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