Japanese manufacturer Melco premiered its Intelligent Music Library at HIGH END 2019, which it claims revolutionises the music search experience.

Melco Intelligent Music Library integrates a metadata engine (SongKong) with a UPnP Server (MinimServer) in such a way that the two operate symbiotically. ‘This completely eliminates the root cause of most problems that users experience when trying to find music on their servers, which is that the metadata is not connected with the UPnP server,’ said Daniel Raggett, of Melco. ‘Our Intelligent Music Library delivers precise, speedy and easy browsing, search and play, even with large collections of varied genres… and the performance is independent of which control point app, network player or connected USB DAC is used.’

The Intelligent Music Library is available for all Melco audiophile digital music libraries, including the new two-chassis N10 and single-chassis N100 audiophile digital music libraries, which were also announced as being available for the first time in black at HIGH END 2019. (See image below, click for larger version). All existing Melco users will be able to implement the Intelligent Music Library via a firmware update.

In an industry first, the Melco Intelligent Music Library breaks free from the constraints of the physical disc used to import music and can now give effective search or browse based on the real music search intentions of the user,’ Raggett told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine. ‘The Melco Intelligent Music Library system automatically senses whether each CD or download is classical or not and returns searches based on works (if necessary) rather than albums, unless albums were requested. Clever ‘Profiles’ allow the browse experience to be changed based on the main types of music searches—rock and pop, jazz and classical etc—to fully exploit the full extent of the metadata available and provide a totally predictable and understandable browse experience, irrespective of the player or control point app.

For information about Australian availability and pricing, contact Melco’s Australian distributor,  BMC Wholesale