Mark Levinson’s new No 5101, launched at HIGH END 2019, covers all the music source bases: it’s a streamer, an SACD player, and a DAC… and it has a lot of cool features built in.

One of those cool features is that the slot-loading disc transport is suspended on steel standoffs floating on a PVC and styrene-butyl rubber sandwich. We would have preferred a tray loader, or one of StreamUnlimited’s top-loaders, but given Mark Levinson's usual legendary build standards (the front panel on the 5101 is 25mm thick!) the slot mechanism is likely superior to most.

The Mark Levinson No. 5101 is built in the United States and will play back four optical disc formats: CD, SACD, CD-R and CD-RW (ie, not DVD-A). And if stream your music from USB, NAS, DLNA and UPnP it will handle FLAC, WAV, AIFF, OGG, MP3, AAC and WMA files. Digital conversion is courtesy of an ESS PRO Sabre 32-bit DAC chip-set, which also processes data fed to it from the No 5101’s optical and coaxial S/PDIF inputs (only one of each).

Mark Levinson was demoing the No 5101 with a No.5805 integrated and a pair of JBL L100 Classics (both Mark Levinson and JBL are owned by the Harman Luxury Audio Group, itself wholly owned by Samsung). The No 5101 wasn’t the only source in the room though—also being demoed were the No.519 CD player and No.515 turntable. Presiding over the demos was the ever-present Jim Garrett, Senior Director of Product Strategy and Planning, at Harman Luxury Audio. ‘There are very few high-end CD players on the market that support the SACD format and also feature integrated streaming,’ he said. ‘The No. 5101 is a very exciting new product. The design and engineering that’s gone into this player is remarkable, and we expect it to redefine expectations for integrated audio media players.

Garrett says he estimates that the No. 5101 will become available in most markets sometime in the fourth quarter of 2019, and should sell for around $US5,500 in the US.

For more information, contact Mark Levinson’s Australian distributor, Convoy International