Living Voice unveiled its new R25A… so-named because it celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the Living Voice Auditorium loudspeaker, which is the company’s ‘entry-level’ design and now supersedes the Auditorium R3, at HIGH END 2019.

But perhaps the bigger (in every sense of the word) release at HIGH END 2019 was that of the Living Voice Vox Basso subwoofer, which in Living Voice’s demo room was being used with the company’s Vox Palladian horns. ‘With a smaller footprint than the Vox Elysian, the new Vox Basso is ready to partner with either the Vox Olympian or Vox Palladian horn loudspeakers,’ said Kevin Scott of Living Voice.

The company also showed a new high-gloss ‘Piano Ebony’ version of its OBX-RW3 floorstanders, which were being driven by vintage Kondo electronics and, when we visited, by a CA CD300. Other times, Scott was spinning up a Grand Prix Audio Monaco 2.0 turntable with a Kuzma 4-point tonearm and CAR-60 cartridge… though the GP was also fitted with a second tonearm (a Viv Labs RF7 tipped with an Ortofon SPU Century cartridge… as pictured above - click on image for larger version).

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