This year’s HIGH END 2019 coincided with French manufacturer Focal’s 40th Anniversary, so it used the Munich show to show off its entire 40th anniversary collection, which includes two new speakers.

Those two new speakers are the Focal Spectral 40th and the Focal Scala 40th, and of these two the Scala isn’t exactly new, it’s just a very limited edition of Focal’s existing Scala Utopia Evo three-way floor-stander. What makes the Scala 40th so special is its ‘Black Silver’ finish—mirror side panels and a matte graphic black baffle. And when we say ‘very limited’, we mean that they’re only making four pairs of them, one of which they’ll probably keep for their own museum in Saint-Etienne, leaving only three for sale, which are probably already sold anyway, but if not, you’ll need to cough up €70,000 per pair.

The Focal Spectral 40th (pictured above) is a unique made-in-France three-way bass-reflex loudspeaker with ‘neo-retro’ styling which features Focal’s own ‘K2 power cone’ drivers and Focal’s own pure beryllium tweeter. These will become available next month, for A$14,999  per pair.

Also on display in Munich at HIGH END 2019 was the Focal Solo6 BE 40th professional studio monitor. Again, this is a ‘special edition’ version of a speaker that has been around for more than a decade. The only difference between the previously available versions and this one appears to be its glorious black coating and its ‘40 Year’ badging. This model is due to go on-sale in Europe next month at €1,999 per pair.

Of course, Focal now not only makes loudspeakers, but also headphones and associated electronics, so it’s created an anniversary bundle that comes in a special-edition numbered, Macassar ebony-veneered wooden ‘Collector’s Case’ that contains a pair of Utopia open-back headphones, an Arche DAC/headphone amplifier, a pair of Stellia closed-back headphones and a QPM Questyle music player. It will sell for €15,000.

For more information, contact Focal’s Australian distributor, BusiSoft AV.