Dynaudio usually launches new products at HIGH END 2019, this year, it launched new music.

This year, this innovative Danish loudspeaker manufacturer brought its touring studio – Dynaudio Unheard – to Munich and parked it in the beer garden.

And when we say ‘parked’, we mean that literally, since it’s a full-sized 13-metre long shipping container, inside of which is a sophisticated, fully-equipped recording studio. At the mixing desk was top US producer Ashley Shepherd who spent the show recording the ‘undiscovered’ musicians who were giving live performances every day of the show.

Once he’d finished recording and mixing, the recordings were then immediately available for replay in Dynaudio’s demonstration room, where almost all Dynaudio’s entire loudspeaker range was on show, including one of its most recent releases, the Dynaudio Xeo 10 wireless active bookshelf speaker. Although this model was released last year, this was the first time it had been shown at a HIGH END show.

For more information contact Dynaudio’s Australian distributor, BusiSoft AV