HEDD (Heinz ElectroDynamic Designs) equipment has become available in Australia for the first time. It’s distributed by Addicted to Audio (A2A), a Melbourne-based distributor that has retail stores in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. The brand will also be made available to selected dealers through-out Australia.

Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, HEDD is a family business founded 30 years ago by industry veteran Klaus Heinz and musicologist Dr Frederik Knop. HEDD manufactures state-of-the-art professional studio monitors as well as home loudspeaker systems and, now, headphones (pictured above).

Our speaker designs are 100 per cent analogue, yet they incorporate some of the key advantages of digital signal optimisation using our HEDD Lineariser and also provide digital connectivity,’ said Heinz. ‘A modular system of input cards called the HEDD Bridge enables each of our Series One loudspeakers to handle digital audio protocols such as Dante (Audio-over-IP).’

Heinz first came to fame 30 years ago, when he was responsible for designing what was hailed as being ‘the first compact and marketable AMT tweeter.’ It was based on Oskar Heil’s original Air Motion Transformer invention. Greatly revised, that same tweeter is still used in HEDD’s Series ONE studio monitor line, as well as in its domestic models, such as in HEDD’s imposingly tall Tower Mains (pictured below).

More recently, Heinz has developed a full range (10Hz–40kHz) Air Motion Transformer driver for use in the company’s first pair of headphones, called the HEDDphone. ‘In order to reproduce the complete audible frequency band and beyond, our new HEDDphones incorporate a new diaphragm geometry we call VVT,’ said Heinz. ‘Unlike the uniform fixed geometric structure of conventional AMT drivers, the folds of the VVT’s diaphragm vary both in width and depth.’

Jesse Ross, of Addicted to Audio, says that HEDD has applied for a patent for its new technology, and has registered VVT as a trademark. ‘The HEDDphone introduces a fourth transducer technology, bringing the enormous dynamic capabilities and the superior sonic resolution of the AMT principle to the world of top-end headphones,’ he said. ‘HEDDphone excels where it really matters—in accurate, untamed, and touching music reproduction.’

For more information, contact Addicted to Audio