Decibel Hi Fi is now the Australian distributor for Hadcock tonearms.

The late George Hadcock designed and made tone arms for more than 30 years entirely in the UK. The unipivot design, regarded by many vinyl aficionados as the best-sounding of all arm types, was Georges' specialty. The company is now run by George’s son Charles Hadcock, who has instituted an ISO quality control system to ensure that every hand-made arm now meets the same exacting standards. ‘The Hadcock arms that are being made now exhibit superb build quality, and a sonic image that has beguiled audiophiles for more than three decades, and for very good reason,’ said Brian Maddern, of Decibel Hi Fi. ‘We are importing all models and spare parts. These tonearms have for many years been highly regarded when teamed up with London (Decca) cartridges, but are very versatile. Other good matches are The Cartridge Man's MusicMaker cartridges and any light tracking cartridges like Shure V15 Types or the Audio Technica AT150ML.’ Reviewer Edward Barker (6moons) said of the Hadcock GH242SE (Integra) tonearm: ‘I am amazed you can get this quality of sound at that price. If I were in the market for a unipivot, this arm would be my first port of call.’

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altHadcock tonearms are now being made under strict ISO control, according to Brian Maddern, of Decibel Hi-Fi, who distributes them in Australia.