Graham Audio has released a new monitor loudspeaker designed by Derek Hughes, the Chartwell LS6. The LS6 uses a custom-built 180mm-diameter long-throw polypropylene-coned driver and the same 19mm-diameter tweeter used in the LS3/5. The cabinet is a bass reflex design, with a 17-litre volume and a rear mounted port. ‘The new Chartwell LS6 delivers deep effortless bass,’ said George Neophytou, of Neophonics, which distributes Chartwell in Australia. ‘Developed as a direct result of customer feedback on the Chartwell LS3/5 and Graham Audio LS5/9, the LS6 has the smoothness of both with the extension and power handling of the LS5/9, but in a more compact design.’

A switch on the front baffle of the LS6 has positions for 0dB, +1dB and +2dB to users can adjust the level of the high-frequencies. ‘This can be useful for situations where the listening position is off-axis to restore the response to optimum,’ said Neophytou.

The LS6’s cabinet uses the classic BBC ‘thin wall’ construction, where the panels are mass-loaded so that resonances are moved away from the critical midrange region. The cabinet is finished with hand-matched veneers and the grille specifically designed to minimise diffraction effects.

Available now, the Chartwell LS6 Loudspeakers retail for $5,495 per pair in a Cherry veneer.

Manufacturer’s Specifications: Chartwell LS6 Loudspeakers
Frequency Response: 45Hz–20kHz ±2dB
Sensitivity (@1m): 87dBSPL (2.83V)
Impedance: 8Ω (nominal)
Dimensions (HWD): 370×240×260mm
Weight: 9.5kg
Australian Price: $5,495 per pair (Cherry Veneer)

For more information about the Graham Audio Chartwell LS6 contact Neophonics.