All owners of Denon and Marantz products with HEOS HS2 built in can now say ‘hey Google’ to their products and get a response!

Sound United, which owns Denon and Marantz and HEOS (as well as Classe, Definitive Technology, Polk, Boston Acoustics) has announced that HEOS can now be controlled with Google Assistant. ‘Once again HEOS is first to market in the multi-room audio space with Google Assistant voice control for our speakers and HEOS enabled AV receivers,’ said Ralph Grundl, of QualiFi, which distributes Denon, Marantz and HEOS in Australia. ‘The Google assistant functionality will initially offer control over only Track Skip, Pause, Resume and Volume control, but HEOS intends to offer more functionality in future updates, so that some time in 2019 you’ll be able to ask for specific music to be played, no matter whether it’s a radio station, a particular album, a specific song, a favourite artist or a pre-programmed playlist.’

This means that all HEOS HS2 enabled products now support Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant and all that that feature Apple Airplay 2 will also support Apple Siri voice control. You can find a detailed chart of current voice control functionality HERE

And if you’re wondering how to set-up your system, you can see how it’s done by clicking HERE

If you’d like more information, contact QualiFi.