Following in the footsteps of its Satya and Samadhi systems, Swiss hi-end manufacturer Goldmund has released its smallest active DSP wireless speaker system, the Prana (a Sanskrit word meaning ‘life force’).

Each Prana cabinet has a 228mm diameter bass driver driven by a 250-watt ‘Telos’ amplifier, a 178mm midrange driver and a 25mm soft dome tweeter, both driven by a 175-watt ‘Telos’ amplifier. The DSP uses Goldmund’s ‘Leonardo 2’ algorithm for time alignment and gain correction as well as for crossover slopes and frequency control.

For those who’d prefer not to use its wireless link, the Prana has a coaxial S/PDIF digital input. Each speaker is rated by Goldmund with a frequency response of 35Hz to 25 kHz ±3dB and each cabinet measures 480×990×476mm (WHD). Available now, the Goldmund Prana retails for $100,000 per pair (RRP).‘The performance of Goldmund’s Prana system will satisfy the customer’s high fidelity expectations in the reproduction of the musical message,’ said Boris Granovsky, of Absolute Hi End, which distributes Goldmund in Australia. ‘They reproduce with utter precision the entire audio spectrum of musical instruments as well as voices, from the most elevated soprano to the deepest bass, plus their high quality sleek and contemporary aluminium cabinets are a perfect match for any kind of decor.’

For more information, contact Absolute Hi End