Goldmund has released a wireless speaker system, the Logos Satya, that has been named after the Sanskrit word for truth, or in a more Indo-Aryan translation, ‘that which is in accord with reality.’

‘In Sanskrit, Satya means truth, but it also refers to that which is in accord with reality,’ says Anne-Karine Agius of Goldmund. ‘In the Vedas, truthfulness is considered as an important virtue by which one is true and consistent with reality in one’s thought, speech, and action. It is this coherence that characterises the Satya in the technologies it uses and the performance it delivers.’

In essence, the Goldmund Satya is an active, three-driver, three-way bass reflex system. The bass section comprises a 250-watt power amplifier which drives a 305mm-diameter bass driver, while the midrange section sees a 175-watt power amplifier driving a 178mm-diameter midrange driver and the high-frequency section comprises another 175-watt power amplifier, which drives a 25mm soft-dome tweeter. All three power amplifiers are DSP-controlled, using Goldmund’s Leonardo2 technology.

‘The Satya is a lifestyle speaker that provides high-end sound quality because it integrates the technologies developed for our extreme audiophile products over decades,’ Agius told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine. ‘It has been engineered thanks to the Proteus mathematical model that calculates optimal technical parameters for a speaker depending on its size and shape.’

The Satya’s coherence and dynamics come close to these of Goldmund’s most prestigious models, such as the Logos Anatta,’ said Boris Granovsky, of Absolute HiEnd, which distributes Goldmund in Australia. ‘Its clarity is next to perfect, and it goes deep into the low frequencies, proving to be the perfect standalone speaker for bass lovers. This partly because of the DSP control and Leonardo 2 technology, which perfectly aligns all three drivers for amplitude, phase and time.’ As with Goldmund’s other standalone speakers, the Satya requires a Goldmund dongle in order to interface directly with a computer or can otherwise interface with any Goldmund processor and wireless transmitter. ‘The simplest option is to use it with the Mimesis 11 hub, which already integrates a transmitter and allows you to simultaneously connect to several sources,’ said Granovsky. Available now and measuring 560×630×1230mm (WDH), the Goldmund Logos Satya retails for $145,000 (RRP) per pair.

For further information, please contact Absolute HiEnd