Goldmund says its new Eidos Reference Blue Blu-ray player will be limited to a production run of just 50 players, all of which will be hand-built in Goldmund’s factory in Geneva, Switzerland. However, the company is offering to upgrade any Eidos Reference player to the Reference Blue standard, which is possible because the new player is based on the original Eidos Reference, which played only CD and DVD formats. ‘The Goldmund Reference line offers mythical products that have become collectors’ items of extreme rarity and value,’ says Chris Strom, Operations and Marketing Manager for Kedcorp, which distributes Goldmund in Australia. ‘The legend started with the Goldmund Reference turntable in 1982 and then, in the digital domain, with the Goldmund Eidos Reference in 2007. The newest addition to the legend is the Eidos Reference Blue.

The Goldmund Eidos Reference Blue uses a heavily damped brass and aluminium heavy-duty mechanism enclosure weighing 30kg that’s suspended on four spring-loaded suspension pods, combined with improved mechanical grounding construction with sturdier table support than the original Reference and Goldmund’s ‘Magnetic Damping’ technology. ‘This extraordinary mechanical assembly prevents any vibrations from affecting the sounds or the images produced by the player, and considerable improves image stability and sound transparency,’ says Strom. ‘Another innovation is the built-in stabilised power supply, which uses the patented Goldmund AC-Curator circuitry. The Goldmund Eidos Reference Blue retails in Australia for $150,000. The upgrade costs $70,000.

For further information, please contact Goldmund at Kedcorp