Gold Note says that not only has it redesigned and upgraded its CD-1000, but it also now allows customers to choose which Burr-Brown DAC they’d like to be fitted.

Gold Note gives you the choice between a ‘standard’ Burr-Brown DAC (the PCM1796) and a premium Burr-Brown DAC (the PCM 1792A). And although the CD-1000 comes with coaxial and optical digital inputs, you can also option in a USB input. ‘All these components confer a complete versatility which permits various uses of the CD player,’ said Tommaso Dolfi, of Gold Note, ‘in addition to listening to CDs, it can be connected to the TV/DVD-Player via the coaxial and optical connections and it can be used for audio streaming from the computer via the optional USB port.’

The output stage is all solid-state, and uses balanced dual mono topology and includes the option of a digital volume control stage if you want to connect the CD-1000 to a power amplifier or active speakers. All circuitry inside the new Gold Note is powered by dual encapsulated toroidal transformers custom made in Italy. As for the reason for the upgrade, Dolfi told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine: ‘The mechanics were redesigned in order to improve the overall stability of the system. In addition you will notice the remake of the chassis with its iconic air vents which derivate from our multi awarded PH-10 phono stage and which will adorn the entire Gold Note 1000 series in the near future.’

For more information, contact Gold Note’s Australian distributor, Absolute HiEnd.