Focal has added three new models to its Kanta range, the: Kanta N°1 bookshelf (pictured below right), Kanta N°3 floor-standers (pictured at page bottom), and Kanta centre speaker. They join the previously-released Kanta No2 floor-standers (pictured above).

All new models have bass/midrange drivers whose cones are made from flax/fibreglass, and Beryllium-dome tweeters that use Focal’s IAL (Infinite Acoustic Loading) and IHL (Infinite Horn Loading) technologies. ‘Kanta's sleek, elegant, lines will appeal to anyone who wants speakers that will deliver excellent sound and high levels of performance, yet will also integrate discreetly into their home interior,’ said Debbie Stanton, of N.A. Distributors, which distributes Focal in Australia. ‘Now with four models in the range, Focal’s Kanta is a versatile family of loudspeakers optimised for both the music lover and the home cinema enthusiast, who appreciate striking design and the trusted Focal attention to detail. All are available in a range of high-gloss painted finishes that include Carrara white, gauloise blue, and solar yellow as well as wood veneer in four different matte finishes.’

The flax/fibre cones are made using a ‘sandwich’ technique where high-quality flax fibres are enclosed between two thin layers of fibreglass. ‘Sandwich technology greatly influences the neutrality of the sound produced by the cone, which has always been Focal’s hallmark,’ said Gareth Weller, of N.A. Distributors. ‘Sandwich designs satisfy the key criteria of a high performance diaphragm: high internal damping, high velocity of sound and high flexural rigidity… criteria that cannot be met by a mono-material cone.’

The Kanta No3 is the top-line model in the range. It’s a three-way, four-driver floor-standing model that has two 210mm-diameter flax-coned bass drivers with non-inductive magnetic circuit (NIC). Focal’s NIC technology involves adding a Faraday ring to the magnetic circuit of each bass drivers whose dimensions, materials and positioning are optimised so the driver’s magnetic field is not affected by the physical position of the voice coil, the current flowing though it or the frequency of the signal it’s reproducing. The Kanta’s 165mm-diameter flax-coned midrange driver also has a NIC motor. The tweeter is Focal’s latest generation 27mm-diameter inverted dome Beryllium model. Focal rates the overall system frequency response of the Kanta No3 as 33Hz–40kHz ±3dB, the sensitivity at 91dBSPL (1m/2.83V) and the nominal impedance as 8Ω (min 3Ω).

The Kanta No2 is available now, but the Kanta No1, Kanta No3 and the Kanta centre speaker are currently en route down under. We’ll update this story when they become available in Australia, and will also advise pricing at that time.

For more information, contact N.A. Distributors