Focal’s ‘Clear’ open-backed circumaural headphones, which are designed and manufactured entirely in France, are now available in Australia for the first time.

The Focal Clear headphones use a new-generation full-range driver whose 40mm-diameter diaphragm is formed into an inverted ‘M’-shaped 40-mm dome. The diaphragms is made from aluminium/magnesium alloy and driven by a 25.5mm-diameter frameless copper voice-coil. Focal says that using copper as the voice coil material, rather than some lighter conductor, enables a higher magnetic field to be generated, improving sensitivity, which is rated at 104dBSPL for 1mW (@ 1kHz), and thus the dynamics of the audio signal. The nominal impedance of the design is 55Ω and its frequency range is specified at 5Hz to 28kHz.

Clear is the newest model in the range, offering a more open sound than the Focal Elear headphones, while offering more warmth and bass response than the Utopia headphones,’ said George Poutakidis, Managing Director of BusiSoft, which distributes Focal headphones in Australia. ‘The accessories alone make it a fantastic deal, because it comes with a new travel case and three cables for use with every type of electronic equipment, from the audiophile portables to top-end system amplification. One has a 3.5mm mini jack, one a 6.35mm phone jack and the other has XLR 4 pin connectors. All cables are low resistance 24AWG oxygen-free copper, with cotton braided sheaths.’

Available now, the Focal Clear retails for $2,199.

For further information, please contact Busisoft AV